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Morgan & Reid

Love doesn't have a Criminal Mind

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The Morgan/Reid Love Community
This community is for Morgan and Reid lovers. Here we share everything about them, including fic, art, and discussion. This is primarily a slash community, though everything about them is allowed, even het, so long as the Morgan and Reid relationship in the fic/art is important to the plot of the story.

Please keep all posts on topic to Morgan/Reid, or Morgan and Reid. Anything that is not specific to the pairing needs to be run past a mod before posting.

current active mod: alejandra
backup mods: innerslytherin, lagolindari, severity_softly, teamane


1. No flames - We're all just here to have fun and enjoy the Morgan/Reid. That means no nasty comments to the posts made by anyone in the comm. Constructive criticism (concrit) is welcome, if the author or artists requests it. If you have a problem with a poster/post that you think needs to be addressed, bring it to the mods, but don't make us put on our modly hats to break up a flame war. We have an extinguisher and we're not afraid to use it.

2. Use the LJ cut – It makes all of our friends’ page much happier. Any fiction over 100 words should be under a cut. Art and graphics should be under a cut as well, but you may preview a small number of icons or a smaller version of your art/graphics above the cut. Some people still have dial-up, and it makes life difficult for them to have large graphics on their f-page. If you are new to LJ and do not know how to use an LJ cut, please look HERE for an explanation.

3. Use the tags – There will be tags set up for fic, art, discussion, and canon. We will also be setting up contributor tags, so you can find your favorite artist or author's works easily. These tags will look like this: "author: yournamehere" or "artists: yournamehere". If you have not ever posted to the comm before, you will not have a tag, but once you have posted here, the mods will set one up for you to use each time you visit us after that! :)

For a list of our current tags, go HERE.

5. Recommendations / fic search posts - posts such as 'Could you recommend me your favourite M/R fics?' or 'Some time ago I read a fic in which... and now I can't find it anymore!' should be redirected to cmficfinders or cm_ficsource. If you browse the tags there, there is good chance someone already asked your same question; it is a very useful archive of links.

4. About pimping other comms - You can pimp other communities if you'd like, but we ask that the focus remain on Morgan and Reid. For example, if you start a M/R drabble comm or icon contest and want participants, or if you're in an RPG that features a strong M/R relationship (or even if you're playing one of our boys in a game and are looking for someone to fill the other half of your OTP in the game). If you are pimping general CM comms, there are better places to do that than this comm, like criminalxminds (with moderator approval, as per their rules), or shooting an email over to bau_inbox at bau.inbox@gmail.com.

5. Use headers for your fics and artwork - A suggested minimum header for fic/art is:

(feel free to use the standard MPAA ratings, or the Fan Rated Rating System as you prefer)
Challenge: (if applicable)
(Please see below policy on spoiler and warnings)

Of course word counts, summaries, and authors notes (among other things) are always welcome, too!

6. Spoilers/Warnings - You do not need to warn for spoilers for seasons one and two, but PLEASE do warn readers if you will be spoiling anything from season three. We don't want anyone upset over having things ruined for them.
We also ask that you warn for anything potentially squicky, like death of a canon character, abuse, rape, angst, h/c (hurt and comfort), mpreg, etc. Not everyone will read just anything; please respect that so we're all happy.

7. No Real Person Slash or Fic (RPS/RPF). This community is for shipping Morgan/Reid only. We do not allow Real Person Fandom. Posts containing RPF will be deleted without warning.

8. Enjoy the love.


We're not running any monthly challenge now. Luckily we don't need to help inspire our authors and artists here, as the muses are happily flying around. If you have any suggestions for future challenges, please feel free to drop us a comment on this post.

Disclaimer: Criminal Minds and its characters are owned by CBS, its writers, and their affiliates. We are not making profit with this comm. Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid are fictional characters, and we're just playing with them.

Credits for site graphics: screencaps are from slash_girl's great site known as Oracle of Quantico .

MorganReid Love
Made by teamane

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Your Mods:
If you have any problems/concerns/questions about this comm, please direct them to one of your moderators and we will do our best to help you out. The modly team is innerslytherin, severity_softly, and teamane. You can email us at morganreid.cm@gmail.com.

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